Brain Training

How would your life change if you were free from -

Anger * Mild Depression * Stress * Mental Fatigue * Loss of Focus / Attention Disrupted Cognitive Skills * Memory Loss * Loss of Productivity * Anxiety Sleep Disturbance * Stress Related Illness * Learning Disorders * Pain * Stress Academic Performance * Learning Difficulties * Athletic Performance * Addictions PTSD * Anxiety

Brain Training can help you "reboot your brain" and restore your mind/ body connection pathways ... and reclaim your   Click here for the Brain Training flyer.

Transformational Healing works with the BrainTek Institute's proprietary technology to provide a brain training program customized to you using real time data from your brain. This non-invasive program gently alters your cognitive behavior by correcting your brain's stumbling blocks. This in turn can also lead to more optimal health.

There is a direct correlation between your brain and your internal organs as well as your body's physiology. Repeated stresses and challenges can cause your brain to develop inappropriate neural pathways, which can lead you into living a life that is totally out of balance. The imbalance you experience may be physical, emotional, chemical, mental, nutritional or even spiritual.

Changing your brain is easier than you think. To learn more about this highly successful Brain Training Program, please call (916) 925-8200 now to take advantage of the Spring Brain Training 2014 special.

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