Transformation for Healers

Healers may be involved in running a business and / or engaged in performing some form of energy work such as channeling, shamanic practices, massage, or hands on healing, and / or may be deeply involved in the raising of children or caring for an aged parent. Doreen Virtue, Ph.D describes those who use energy in this way as Lightworkers because they all handle energy.

When these individuals, who are so sensitive to the energy around them, feel there is something limiting their ability to do their work, they seek out Transformation to gain access to their full energetic potential. Transformation is able to help them because it is based in the practice of Hawaiian Lapa’au -- in this case, focused on the Healer.

Your two-weeks of preparation work brings the emotions, memories, and old energetic connections that are blocking you into your field (with the intention of releasing them). At the start of your session, we take 15 - 30 minutes to complete accessing these emotional/physical energies and setting the groundwork for their release.

During the next hour, while you are reclining in a safe, quiet place where you can drift into an altered state, I work with one or more of your Guides, Angels, Ancestral Spirits, and/or Spirit Helpers. Through your preparation work, clear intention is set for the session, and those best suited to the task appear to work with me as part of a team assembled for your highest good. Together, we release adhesions from current and past lives. If any parts of your soul, lost during those times of trauma, are ready to return, they are restored to you and integrated during the completion of the session.

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