Medical Intuition

Possibly the most commonly asked question is, “What is medical intuition?” At the risk of over simplification, it is “intuitive knowing with the goal of facilitating health and healing.” De-mystifying Medical Intuition, Lori Wilson MSW.

There are many different styles of medical intuition, each with their own focus and technique. In order to choose a practitioner, it is important to become an educated consumer so that the reading you receive addresses the issues you want addressed. What I bring to you is my ability to provide two very different, but complementary styles of medical intuition. You select the approach that suits your needs. You can also request a combined scan if you desire a more holistic view of your situation.

Benefits from Receiving a Medical Intuition Scan

  • Assist your health care team in developing a successful treatment program by providing through and specific information regarding your condition from an additional point of reference. When dealing with complex and poorly understood diseases this can be especially useful.

  • Improve efficiency by directing your health care efforts towards health professionals that your body, when asked, has indicated it needs.

  • Minimize adverse effects from medication or treatments by asking your body what its reaction may be to these interventions.

  • Achieve a better understanding about what is taking place both physically and energetically when something in your body does not feel "right."

  • Gain an understanding of your mind/body/spirit relationship and how your energetic imbalances may be creating conditions of "pre-illness" through habitual emotional compromises.

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Medical Intuition Session

You do not need to be present, and you may engage in your normal routine while the scan is being done. The scan takes between one and two-hours to complete, so it is actually to your advantage not to be physically present. You receive the scan results during a scheduled one-hour telephone appointment that you initiate.

I am trained in two scan techniques that are complementary to each other. The techniques are stand-alone services, but you have the option of requesting a combination of both if you desire a more holistic view.

  • The Body ScanTM is a direct interview with your body. The information you receive is what your body wants to bring to your attention. To learn more click here.

  • The Mind/Body/Spirit Scan provides you with information received directly from your energetic field. This approach views disease as our soul's way of getting our attention when our actions are inconsistent with our contract for this life. The information you receive deals with areas of "dis-ease" and your body and energy field, and the compromises associated with them. To learn more, click here.

Scheduling Your MI Scan

Please contact me to schedule your MI scan.

Informed Consent Form - This form must be signed and returned prior to the MI scan being done. (Click here to download the consent form) If you are arranging the scan for someone other than yourself, you must be legally responsible for that individual. (The custodial parent or guardian of a minor child, or the conservator for a dependent adult.) Ideally, the child or dependent adult would give their consent directly.

If you are looking for a soul based medical intuition scan, the "What Color is Your Personality" assessment needs to be completed and the results forwarded to me for inclusion in the reading. Please use this link to go to Carol Ritberger's site and take the assessment.

The cost for a Body Scan or a Mind/Body/Spirit scan is $300.00 USD.

If you wish to combine a Body Scan with a Mind/Body/Spirit scan, the cost for both is $500.00 USD. The time for discussing the results for a combined scan is between one and 1-1/2-hours.

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