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Transformational Healing is a unique synergy of Hawaiian Lapau’au (spiritual healing) and energy healing methods from other cultures. It heals by restoring the alignment you had with your soul at birth. Disease and lives that "do not work" are the result of a misalignment between your attitudes, beliefs and goals, and those of your soul.

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What is Transformational Healing – Embracing your Divine Grace?

Transformational healing is a powerful healing energy that reaches well beyond superficial emotional issues to release the energetic charge attached to old emotional wounds. This energetic charge is what locks us into life long repetitive and self-destructive behaviors. If we can conceptualize our old, unhealed emotional wounds as scar tissue, we can see how the charge operates much as an adhesion would in our body. The charge binds our old memories and feelings to us, preventing their natural release. These retained memories and feelings limit how we experience the world, how we respond to it, and even whether we can hear the voice of our own soul when it tries to speak to us. As a result, we often compromise the essence of who we are in order to fit in, be loved, and please those around us. This compromise is often seen in the guise of “dis-ease” and illnesses falling into poorly understood diagnoses such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and irritable bowel.

Transformational Healing honors the true meaning of aloha (recognizing the breath of God within each of us). Through the guidance of your own ancestral spirits, guides, and angels - in conjunction with breath and energy work- the energetic “adhesions” binding these old, unhealed emotional wounds to you are located and removed. The parts of your soul that were lost during those traumatic events may be brought back to you and reintegrated. This work is often accompanied by an instantaneous release of the unresolved feelings bound to those memories. Each layer that is removed places you closer to that state of Divine Grace in which you were born. When you are in this state of peace, your soul is most able to work through you, guiding better decisions and augmenting your own healing abilities. Often times the deepest emotional wounds from this life repeat similar wounds from past lives. In this work past life issues are cleared along with those from your current life.

Transformational Healing clients - Those seeking Transformation sessions share certain attributes. Many are sensitive to the energy around them and are often in some form of leadership position that makes them responsible for the wellbeing others.

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